Supafil Blow-in Insulation


Supafil® is especially designed for installation into existing double brick masonry cavities by an Approved Installer.

Supafil Blow-in Insulation is an unbonded, silicone treated, non-combustible glass mineral wool product which requires no mixing on site.

It is ideal to increase the energy efficiency in older homes for which it is impossible to install batts.

In the United Kingdom, this double brick wall insulation has been installed in over 5 million existing homes to increase energy efficiency and bring the comfort levels up to modern standards.


Supafil Blow-in Insulation is specifically designed to be used in existing masonry cavity walls with a minumim cavity width of 40mm.

  • Suitable for new-build or retrofit
  • Quick and clean to install
  • Installed by approved contractors
  • Low cost
  • Injected after wall constructed, allowing empty cavity to be checked before installation

Supafil Blow-in Insulation

Product R-Weight per bale Installed Density Thermal Conductivity
Supafil  15.5kg 25kg/m³ 0.039W/mK
Cavity Width Delcared thermal resistance (R-Value) Minimum bag usage rate
50mm R-1.3 8 bags/100m²

Code Mark SupaFil                  

Supafil Blow-in Insulation is to be installed by an approved installer, please contact us for further details here