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Latest H1 requirements for commercial buildings in New Zealand

Energy Efficiency for Large buildings (over 300m2) excluding industrial

There are changes to roof, window, wall and underfloor insulation requirements and also the creation of new documents for large buildings - H1/AS2 and H1/VM2.The changes will reduce the energy needed for heating and cooling of large buildings by 23% on average compared to previous requirements.

The new minimum thermal resistance values as noted in  H1/AS2 and H1/VM2 are summarised in the table.

Significant improvements for large non-residential buildings

The changes will result in a significant improvement on the energy efficiency of large buildings. Dependent on climate zone, the changes will improve the energy efficiency of various types of buildings as shown in table.

At a high level the changes will result in an average 23% reduction in energy use by large buildings.

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