Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

In an average New Zealand home heating and cooling accounts for around 38% of energy used.

Insulation works by "trapping" air

Heat is lost by convection and conduction through the walls and roof of a building. Earthwool® glasswool insulation ‘traps' air and slows down convection thereby reducing heat loss and gain. Knauf Insulation's advanced technology produces very soft and long strands of Glasswool which "trap" air more effectively to save even more energy.

Compared to an uninsulated home, you can make significant savings on the costs of heating and cooling, reducing your energy bills as well as adding to the resale value of your home. For commercial buildings, the savings can also be significant. By adding Earthwool® glasswool insulation above minimum building requirements whether in commercial or residential space significantly increases energy savings, and enhances the overall quality of your indoor environment.

Increasing Electricity Prices

The average New Zealand household uses up to 63 per cent of its energy supply to power appliances on heating and cooling.

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Since 2007, electricity prices have been increasing rapidly. However, there are ways in which we can reduce energy consumption in order to relieve the monetary pressures, which can also have an added benefit of a more comfortable and energy efficient home.

Simple and effective steps such as installing insulation with a high R-Value, closing windows and doors when heat pumps are running and turning off appliances when not in use have an impact on your energy savings. Having an energy efficient home not only benefits your pocket but also your comfort and health. To start your journey towards a more energy efficient lifestyle discover our top energy saving tips.

science of insulation
The Science of Insulation

Understand how insulation works.