Keep warm this winter with the below helpful tips.
Tips to keep warm

Keep warm this winter with the below helpful tips.

1. Day and night curtains

If you have windows that let the sun stream in – make sure you open your curtains during the day to welcome in the warmth. However at night, heat has a tendency of escaping out windows, even if the windows are closed. Keeping the curtains over your windows will ensure the heat in the house, stays in the house! Consider purchasing thermal curtains or heavy, lined curtains that extend beyond the window frame to help keep the warmth in.

2. Cover the floor

Adding a rug or a roll of carpet to the floor in winter not only makes the home cosier but it also traps heat helping to keep rooms warmer.

3. Insulate

Insulation is as effective keeping the heat in, as it is keeping the heat out. On average, households with ceiling, wall and under floor insulation can save around $450 per year on energy bills…save money whilst keeping the warmth in.

4. Service your heaters

Make sure you are up to date with general maintenance on your heater, such as making sure the filters are clean and free from dust. This makes them hugely more effective as it allows the heat to flow freely out of the heater, into your home.

5. Be social!

Invite your friends or family over for dinner…the more people in one room, the more heat is generated!