Upgrading for Comfort and Safety

The rental housing stock in New Zealand is undergoing progressive upgrades to comply with changes in the Residential Tenancies Act. This includes the introduction of 10-year battery smoke alarms and increased insulation to create more comfortable and healthier living spaces.

Insulation Guidelines and Tenant Benefits

For tenants, it's crucial to be aware of the requirements set forth by the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) when seeking a rental property. The RTA outlines key provisions to ensure safe, habitable, and well-maintained living spaces. This includes requirements for insulation, smoke alarms, and general upkeep of the property. By understanding and advocating for these rights, tenants can expect a higher standard of living and increased comfort in their rental homes.

Additionally, compliance with these regulations can lead to better energy efficiency, potentially resulting in lower utility bills for tenants. It's advised that tenants thoroughly review their rental agreements and communicate with landlords regarding any necessary maintenance or repairs. In the event of non-compliance with the RTA, tenants should seek guidance from Tenancy Services or legal professionals to ensure their rights are upheld. Being informed about rental property requirements empowers tenants to enjoy safe, comfortable, and well-maintained living spaces in New Zealand.

How can I arrange for my rental home to be insulated?

If you would like to have insulation installed by a professional, contact us to organise a free, no obligation quote, which you can pass on to your landlord or property manager. Or, if you or someone in your family is a tradesman or professional insulation installer and you don’t mind spending a few hours insulating the house yourself, ask your landlord to purchase the insulation from your local Bunnings store, and you’ll do the rest. That way your landlord saves money, and you get a warmer house faster. We have a range of install instructions and videos to guide you through the installation process.

What’s more, all Bunnings stores have a full range of super-soft Earthwool® glasswool insulation, which is one of the best value insulation products around. Don’t wait, act now!

How to get your property in compliance