Budget action needed to sort out Auckland housing market
By Anonymous on May 05, 2015 has reported (08/05/2015) on the state of the Auckland housing market as the 2015 budget gets closer.

It has been said that the Auckland housing market is anywhere from 56,000 to 12,000 houses short. The price of land is now up to five times the value of the building.  

Building costs are more expensive than in Australia and the U.S.  Now is time to work out how more buildings can be built more efficiently.

Minister Te Ururoa Flavell was in Christchurch in April looking to rent and was outraged by the amount of foreign ownership in sought-after suburbs such as Epsom and the state of disrepair in many rental units.

Many owners seemed to be there for capital gains and not maintaining properties to a respectable level.  Many rental properties had no home insulation, no heating and holes in the carpet.

A warrant of fitness for all rental properties would also create a wave of work for building companies, tradespeople and suppliers of home insulation and heating.