Campaign to end fuel poverty in New Zealand
By Anonymous on March 12, 2014 is calling out for New Zealanders to have their say and tell politicians what it is like to struggle through winter in a cold home without sufficient insulation. With a quarter of New Zealand households now living in fuel poverty it's time that homes are more energy efficient and healthier.

The campaign run by Community Energy Network in collaboration with ActionStation is committed to seeing all Kiwis living in dry, warm and affordable homes. As rental properties have some of the coldest living conditions, the Community Energy Network is calling on the Government to introduce minimum energy performance standards for rental properties.

More than 340,000 New Zealanders now struggle to afford to heat their homes through winter. Cold homes also affect many people's health.


In order to tackle the problem of New Zealand's fuel poverty, politicians help is needed. The website is running a quick survey so MP's can hear what it's like to live in a cold house during a New Zealand winter. Five minutes of your time is asked for in order to help eliminate fuel poverty in New Zealand. to make your voice heard.