CHA unhappy with NZ's outdated housing regulations
By Anonymous on January 26, 2016 has reported (26/01/2016) on the new regulation framework proposed by the Government for rental properties.

Co-chairperson of Community Housing Aotearoa (CHA), Julie Nelson, says that the new framework does not go far enough. She says that you would not expect a warrant of fitness for your car with standards from the 1970's, yet NZ housing is being regulated by insulation standards from 1978. She would like to see more effective and current standards being used.

Ms Nelson believes that home insulation and smoke alarms are an important step in addressing the low standard of rental housing in New Zealand and would like more plans on how to heat the house to ensure that it is safe, warm and dry.

The Residential Tenancies Act now requires all tenanted properties to have ceiling and floor insulation installed by mid 2019. Social housing will be required to install the insulation by July 2016. All rentals will be required to install long-life smoke alarms.

CHA would like to see efficient, effective and affordable heating included in the regulations as well as standards for ventilation and mould. They would also like timeframes and enforcement of these regulations relooked at. Currently, regulations require tenants to report problems which often does not happen as often tenants lack confidence and have fear of retribution.