Energy efficiency programmes aid low-emissions economy
By Anonymous on October 24, 2016 has reported (24/10/2016) that energy efficiency is an important part of NZ's climate change solution.

Results published in the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority's (EECA) Annual Report 2015/16 demonstrate that several programmes run by EECA link energy efficiency and carbon mitigation.

Improved energy efficiency is not only saving millions of dollars per year but also helping New Zealand cut thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions.

EECA's programmes include Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes which helps to make homes drier, warmer and healthier through a home insulation programme.  Last financial year 13,000 homes received home insulation focusing on low income households with high health needs. Over the past 7 years almost 300,000 homes have been insulated with the direct assistance of EECA funding.

EECA's Business programme saved 37,000 tonnes of carbon and .6 PJ of energy. This programme covers 40% of total business energy use.

EECA's energy efficiency regulation and labelling programmes have influenced the sale of 54 million products. Since 2002 this saved $560 million and 879,000 tonnes of carbon.