Expert Tour 2016: Building Healthy Homes
By Anonymous on January 18, 2016

January 2016

Expert Tour 2016: Building Healthy Homes 

The Expert Tour is now in its third year and provides an opportunity for construction professionals to network and gain insights into industry trends. This year the Expert Tour will focus on 'Building Healthy Homes‘ and cover topics including saving energy, health and comfort.

Knauf  Insulation is a sponsor of the Expert Tour and we are delighted to have the opportunity to share local case studies of new high performance healthy homes and further introduce new ways to address existing housing stock to improve health related outcomes.

Insulation is a cost-effective solution for improving the energy efficiency of a home. Statistics have shown that an uninsulated home uses approximately 20 per cent more energy than an insulated home*.

In addition to the improvement in energy efficiency, it has been well documented in New Zealand that a properly insulated home can provide a healthy environment for occupants. Doctors in New Zealand have been known to prescribe insulation for patients who suffer from poor health as a result of their living conditions.

The Expert Tour will take place in five  locations around New Zealand, as follows:

15 February – Auckland North Shore, QBE Stadium

16 February - Auckland Central, The Langham

17 February - Wellington, The Museum Hotel

18 February – Christchurch, The Botanic Gardens

19 February – Queenstown, The Heritage Hotel  

The seminars are free to attend and will include local and international keynote speakers including Bronwyn Barry, design director of One Sky Homes (USA), Professor Julian Crane from the University of Otago, Professor Robyn Phipps from Massy University. Suppliers from Pro ClimaEco Windows and PAZEN Windows will also be presenting. 

To download the seminar schedule or register for free click here. For more information about Knauf Insulation products click here.


* Howden-Chapman et al, 2012