Fresh calls for WOF after coroner's report released
By Anonymous on June 03, 2015 has reported (05/06/2015) on renewed calls from Labour for a Healthy Homes bill following the death of a toddler in a damp, cold Housing New Zealand house.

Andrew Little, Labour leader and bill sponsor, said that the bill would ensure every state and private rental in New Zealand would meet the minimum standards of insulation and heating.

Mr Little believes that many private rentals are in just as poor a condition as the home that contributed to the death of Emma-Lita on August 8 last year.

New Zealand Union of Students' Association said that "killer houses" need to be overhauled to stop another tragedy and that Emma-Lita's death should spark fresh calls for nationwide rental standards.

A coroner's report, released yesterday, ruled Emma-Lita's death in the hospital was due to an acute brain bleed related to bronchopneumonia.

The coroner, Brandt Shortland, linked the illness to her house which was very cold, had no carpets, leaks in the ceiling and did not get much sunlight.

Rory McCourt, union president, said that building and housing minister has no excuse for state houses with no insulation or carpets and for not takling shoddy private rentals.

Dr Smith said that the tragedy showed the importance of improving insulation and warmth of both state and private housing.