Government to introduce new private rental standards for insulation
By Anonymous on June 10, 2015 has reported (08/06/2015) on Government plans to force private rentals to have minimum quality standards for home insulation and smoke alarms after a damp home contributed to the death of two year old, Emma-Lita Brown.

The new rental standards would require that landlords insulate their properties and install smoke alarms but won't go as far as a warrant of fitness.

The death of Emma-Lita has increased pressure for a warrant of fitness to be introduced for private rentals too.  Prime Minister, John Key, warned that this could lead to rents increasing and some landlords pulling out.

Recently, the coroner found that Emma-Lita's pneumonia-like symptoms in August 2014 were exasperated by the damp and cold Housing New Zealand property that she lived in.

A compromise plan is expected to be unveiled by the Government in the coming weeks and will require all rentals to have adequate smoke alarms and home insulation.  

Under this plan there would be no on-going inspections and landlords would be given a grace period to renovate their properties.Labour leader Andrew Little, said that the proposed plan was "pathetic" if it only went this far.

Andrew King from New Zealand Property Investors Federation said that insulation alone was not the only answer and that some sort of heating subsidy was required.