GP's given scripts to help patients get ceiling and underfloor insulation
By Anonymous on September 14, 2016 has reported (14/09/2016) on simple tear off pads in GP clinics to help eligible patients get free ceiling and underfloor insulation.

Robert Linterman, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) general manager, is encouraging GPs and nurses to help eligible patients get free ceiling insulation and underfloor insulation in their private rentals by using an EECA referral form.

The forms from the tear off pads are taken home by patients and guides them to make a call to EECA's 0800 number without the need to contact the landlord.

The Government pays for half of the cost of insulation for eligible families, with landlords footing the remainder of the bill.

Mr Linterman says that this is preventative medication that can be used to improve patients' health by helping get their cold, damp rental homes insulated.

Referral pads were given out by EECA at recent GP conferences and they are keen to hand out more.  Enquiries can be made directly to Mr Linterman on 0427 456 888 or