Greens $62 million insulation promise to Christchurch
By Anonymous on June 17, 2014 has reported (26/05/2014) on the $62 million Greens promise to Christchurch  to improve their city's homes.

The Green Party says that a smarter rebuild of Christchurch will help prevent families getting sick.

The policy was launched in Christchurch by Metiria Turei, the Green Party co-leader at the end of May.  Included in the policy was $35 million to provide home insulation and clean-heating devices in Canterbury homes and $2 million to help navigate through the post-quake rebuild.

For residents that were still doing major post-quake repairs, a fund of $25 million would be provided to help install wall insulation.

The $35 million had been allotted from a larger $300 million scheme that was providing home insulation and clean-heating for 200,000 NZ homes.  This is expected to cost $300 million over three years.

In 2009, a National deal with the Greens launched the Heat Smart Scheme, which helped provide home insulation for around 235,000 homes around NZ.  This scheme was replaced by the Healthy Homes scheme which went on to insulate 12,000 homes out of the targeted 46,000 since 2013.

Ms Turei highlighted that 600,000 Kiwi homes would receive clean heating and home insulation especially the homes that are damp, cold and making families sick.

She commented that by providing home insulation to all Kiwi homes, it returns money back to New Zealand by improving health and education.

She believes it is worth the dollars that are spent.

A young middle income couple from Woolston, who could not afford floor insulation, believe that the Government investing in home insulation is investing in the people of New Zealand.