Greens announce policy to spend $327 million on insulation
By Anonymous on June 02, 2014 has reported (26/05/2014) on the Green Party's plan to provide home insulation to 200,000 homes in Christchurch to assist in the post-quake repairs.

The Green Party's co-leader, Metiria Turei, unveiled the housing policy on Monday with the focus on a $327 million investment to provide home insulation to poorly insulated homes.

Ms Turei said that the new policy will ensure all New Zealanders have a dry, warm and healthy home.

The Warm Up New Zealand insulation scheme that has been scaled back by the National government would be restored by the Green Party.  $100 million a year for three years would be spent to provide insulation to 200,000 homes.  Canterbury homes would receive $35 million of that amount.

Christchurch resident that are still doing major repairs would be able to access a special fund of $25 million to help them insulate their entire home.  This initiative would benefit 10,000 Christchurch homes.

A Christchurch Building Back Smarter service would also be set up with $2 million provided to help Canterbury residents as they rebuild.

Ms Turei pointed out that there are still 600,000 homes across New Zealand that could benefit from clean heating and insulation.  

Under the Green Party's housing policy, ceiling and floor insulation will be provided to 200,000 Kiwi homes over the next three years.