Hawke's Bay residents warmer and happier
By Anonymous on January 20, 2014

Napier Mail (15th Jan) have reported that new funding is available through the Hawke's Bay Power Consumers' Trust Insulation Programme, which will lead to energy efficiency improvements for an additional 660 homes in the Hawke's Bay region.

Already consumers are feeling the difference with local power consumer Colleen Kupa's home benefiting from insulation installation. "We were impressed at how simply and quickly the job was done from the inspection and approval process to getting the insulation installed, " she said.

Trust spokesman John Newland said: “Our house feels so much warmer and less draughty. I’m pleased to know people like us are able to receive funding support because we own our power lines. I would encourage consumers to register their interest early because funding is limited."

All consumers on the Unison Network stand to benefit from the Trust's programme with the amount of subsidy available ranging from 40% of insulation costs up to 100% of insulation costs.

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