Healthy Homes insulation package seeking applications
By Anonymous on December 12, 2013

The Manukau Courier (10 Dec 2013) has reported that landlords are being encouraged to consider home insulation even during the warm summer months.

Winter may seem a long way away but some families feel the repercussions of living in a damp, cold home even in summer.

Many low income Pacific Island and Maori families' poor health conditions are aggravated by living in rental homes that have no insulation. For those families living in South Auckland, respiratory problems, heart conditions, rheumatic fever and other health conditions do not go away with the sun.

GreenStar Energy Solutions, based in Otahuhu, is working with landlords and approved community health and social providers to roll out the Healthy Homes insulation scheme.

The programme to receive insulation is free in certain cases but eligibility conditions apply. Housing NZ tenants are not able to apply. Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority has partially funded the programme.

Rob Leaupepe-Hansell, GreenStar co-director says that private landlords who have tenants that qualify have been increasingly showing interest in receiving insulation through the GreenStar Energy Solutions programme. To qualify, families must hold a community services card or have an agent refer them with worsening health issues and financial hardship and live in a home built before 2000.

Landlords are seeing the benefit of home insulation so that their tenants will be healthier and warmer. “Happier tenants is good business,” he says.