Home insulation needed in more Waipa homes
By Anonymous on March 04, 2014

Te Awamutu Courier has reported (20/02/14) on the call for more Waipa homes to participate in the Healthy Homes programme which provides free home insulation. 

Many Waipa homes still have no insulation despite the free offer funded by EECA (Govt) and WEL Energy Trust.

There are many health benefits associated with home insulation. An insulated home will be warm which can significantly reduce respiratory illness. This can mean fewer hospital admissions for this illness, less doctor visits and fewer sick days off work and school.

To receive free home insulation through the Healthy Homes programme your home must be uninsulated and be built before 2000. Your home can be rented or privately owned but must be located in the WEL Networks distribution area. You also must either have a community services card and an adult over 65 or children under 17 in the home or a referral from your doctor.

In rental properties, the landlord will contribute $575 including GST.

Privately owned homes will receive a 100% subsidy. For further details or to apply freephone Shoneen on 0800 434 726 or phone Eco Energy Centre on (07) 847 6020 and ask for Steve.