Home insulation programme keeps kids out of hospital
By Anonymous on April 27, 2016 has reported (27/04/2016) on a new study that proves home insulation is an effective means to keeping children out of hospital.

The study from Otago University found that hospitalisations of children dropped by 19 per cent in rental homes that had insulation brought up to current building standards under the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme.

The $500 million scheme begun in July 2009 and included the Government subsidising retrofits of a range of energy efficient options, including underfloor insulation, ceiling insulation, plus heating, in 40,000 state-owned homes and 290,000 privately owned pre-2000s homes.

Study co-author Phillipa Howden-Chapman said that the scheme was scheduled to end in June and that the study highlighted the need for it to continue.  Ms Howden-Chapman would like to see the public, landlords and insulation providers get assurance that this proven social investment will continue so we can make all  houses warmer, drier and healthier.

In 2011, a cost benefit analysis of the programme found that the benefits outweighed the cost by 5 times, the most benefits in residents' health.