Home insulation very important to renovators and buyers says survey
By Anonymous on May 27, 2015

Botany & Ormiston Times in Auckland has reported (21/05/2015) on a State of the Home Survey that shows that Kiwis think basic items such as home insulation, ventilation and heat pipes are more important than luxury items such as landscaped gardens and spa pools.

The survey, commissioned by HRV, asked respondents about everything from what priorities were when doing a renovation or choosing a home to levels of mould and condensation in their homes.

82 per cent of respondents rated insulation as "very important" while 47 per cent rated the garage and a quarter chose double glazing, heat pumps and ventilation.

92 per cent identified that the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) outline insulation as their key element that go into creating a dry, warm and healthy home.  62 per cent said ventilation and 59 per cent heating.

Other key findings from the survey included that one in five Kiwis have moved out of a house due to it being mouldy, cold or damp.  59 per cent of respondents said they had mould prevalent in their house and condensation in 31 per cent.

The survey concluded that the financial costs of living in a damp and mouldy home are significant.