IAONZ encourages landlords to insulate early
By Anonymous on December 21, 2016 has reported (21/12/2016) that over half of rental property assessments are not meeting the new Residential Tenancy Act guidelines according to IAONZ.

The Insulation Association of New Zealand (IAONZ) is encouraging all landlords to have their insulation assessed and installed to comply with new Tenancy Act amendments before the winter cold sets in.

1 July 2019 is the date that rental homes will require floor and ceiling insulation however all new tenancy agreements will now require a Statement of Insulation.

Stu Henwood, IAONZ president said that over 50% of rental home assessments completed from July-October 2016 did not meet the new Residential Tenancy Act guidelines.

Mr Henwood said that insulation needs to be installed properly to be effective and fully compliant with NZS4246:2016.  With the forecast of 180,000 rental homes needing insulation before 1 July 2019 the message from Mr Henwood is for landlords to not leave installation until the final year otherwise they may struggle to have it professionally installed.  This will leave them at risk of failing to comply with the amended Act and resulting in a penalty of up to $4000.