Insulation one of the key factors to consider for WOF
By Anonymous on July 01, 2014 has reported (27/06/2014) on the items landlords should consider when their rental properties apply for a warrant of fitness certificate.

Lawfuel contacted Stable Property Management's director to find out what can be done to ensure a rental WOF compliance as currently around 90 per cent of properties fail their WOF certification.

In studies around a WOF trial conducted by ACC, the New Zealand Green Building Council and the University of Otago it was found that most of the 144 inspected houses failed at least one item.

Thankfully around 36 per cent only required minor repairs that were inexpensive. These included things such as insulation, smoke alarm installation, hot water adjustment and lighting issues.

University of Otago's Dr Julie Bennett said that the trial was well received by assessors, tenants and landlords.

The aim of the trial is to ensure that there are robust and useable housing WOF for the rental market.

Lincoln Carlyle from Stable Property Management supports the WOF scheme for tenants and landlords as it provides a benchmark by which both can measure the standard of accommodation offered.

Key items to focus on for landlords wishing to meet WOF criteria are ensuring a balanced water temperature that isn't too hot or too cold.  Bathrooms need to have a working light, functional shower or bath and effective drainage.  Toilets should be operational.

Living areas should have windows that can open, be free of mould and fire alarms at least 3m from bedrooms.

And finally, insulation should be always a item to consider.  There is no point heating a home if there is not sufficient insulation.

If these key criteria and some common sense are applied there is no reason why a WOF and better property management returns can't be achieved.