Insulation programme warming up Timaru residents
By Anonymous on December 03, 2014 has reported (29/11/2014) on the recent success of the Healthy Homes project in Timaru.

Timaru residents, Margaret and Kevin O'Loughlin are one of the 3000 homes in the area to receive subsidised home insulation since 2007.

They are hoping to reduce their current $180 per month power bill.  Mrs O'Loughlin, who is in her late 70's, is hoping she will not feel the cold in her extremities anymore because her home will be warmer.

So far $390 million of a total $447 million has been spent from the national budget for Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes project.  To date Timaru has received $10 million for home insulation.  The programme is due to finish by June 2016.

Eligible households are targeted by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA).  They help administer the programme and work alongside partners such as primary health organisations, trusts and iwi who often top up the government grants to provide free home insulation to those in need.

One such partner is LineTrust South Canterbury (LTSC) who has contributed $250,000 a year to local projects. 

Grant Eames, LTSC chairman, said that whole community benefits from this project as warm homes lead to less health problems which frees up the health care system.

Paul Hendry, EECA manager of partnerships, said that the Government saves $5 in health spending and benefits for every dollar spent on the project.