Law needs to be updated says Greens
By Anonymous on August 27, 2014 has reported (27/08/2014) on a scheme that the Greens have proposed to improve the quality for rental homes in New Zealand.

Greens Co-leader, Metiria Turei, says that it is time for laws around quality, security and safety of rental homes to be updated.   This proposal includes a Warrant of Fitness (WOF) for all rental housing, home insulation provided to 200,000 homes and improving tenant's rights.

400,000 Kiwi children and a million adults currently live in rental homes which is an increase of 10 per cent since 1990.

Ms Turei highlighted that the Government has done "next to nothing" to improve conditions for renters.   She would like to see an overhaul of the Residential Tenancies Act to bring NZ's rental market in line with acceptable standards.

Improvements such as providing home insulation would help curb what she calls the "appalling" rates of infectious disease and help create healthier homes.
The first two years of the WOF would be voluntary, to give time for landlords to make improvements before becoming compulsory.

The WOF scheme would provide rental properties with a star-rating, depending on whether they meet criteria for weather-tightness, home insulation and basic service standards such as hot and cold water, shower, bath and safe wiring.