Maori Party policy brings significant results
By Anonymous on October 01, 2014 has reported (03/10/2014) on the significant results of the Maori Party's flagship Whanau Ora policy which includes intiatives such as home insulation.

Tariana Turia, Maori Party co-leader, says that a major challenge for the future is building greater self-resilience amongst the Maori.  She would like people to believe that they can do things for themselves.  

The policy is there to help families determine their future and help confront issues such as alcohol, drugs, violence, wellness and nutrition.

The initial policy came about under a Labour government but was rolled out thanks to an agreement between the National and Maori Party over the past four or so years.  To date, the initiative has involved around 48,000 people, including 8500 families.

Mrs Turia says that the policy is broader than health alone and includes education, home insulation and other initiatives.

Whanau Ora also involves family trusts, marae groups and family collectives, who are more connected and initimately engaged with families, to help with the delivery of services.  

Whanau Ora will continue to be guided by Mrs Turia as she continues her political activites.  The party will discuss the outcome of the election in September at its annual general meeting.