NZ rentals one step closer to warmth and safety
By Anonymous on June 01, 2016 has reported (12/05/2016) on the passing of a Government Bill to make NZ homes safer, warmer and drier.

The Bill passed its second reading in Parliament by 107 to 14. It will require 180,000 rental homes to be insulated by July 1 2019 and all rentals to have smoke alarms by July 1 2016. Existing housing standards that cover issues like dampness, heating, ventilation and plumbing will have improved enforcement under the Bill.

Dr Nick Smith, Minister for Building and Housing, said that the standard of insulation has been the most contentious part of the debate. He said the priority of this Bill should be concentrated on properties with no home insulation rather than including over 200,000 extra homes that are insulated to 1978 or 2001 standards. Regulations supporting this Bill will require uninsulated properties and properties whose insulation is no longer in reasonable condition to use the 2008 standard.

Dr Smith said that these changes will target the few "slum landlords" whose names come up again and again yet the tenants have not got the means to fight them.