Renters treated like second class citizens
By Anonymous on September 20, 2015 has reported (20/09/2015) on the current rental nightmare for many Kiwi's living in cold, mouldy homes that would not meet the warrant of fitness standards that the Green Party would like to see introduced.

With stagnant wages, rising house prices and social inequality, renters now make up at least 50 per cent of the population. Rising rents have not resulted in better conditions.

With fewer people buying, politicians are waking up to the fact that there is a generation of life-long renters. 

Metiria Turei from the Greens says that many tenants are treated like second class citizens and are reluctant to complain about conditions for fear of losing their homes.

Nick Smith, Housing Minister, will introduce his Minimum Standards Bill to Parliament next month, which will require mandatory insulation. Unfortunately, only to the standard of a insulated house in 1978.

Mr Smith said that any higher levels of required insulation would mean costs would be passed on to tenant. He said that the policy is aimed at the 600,000 homes with no insulation in NZ.

Part of the Minimum Standards bill would include a $1.5 million education programme to educate landlords and tenants about mould.

The Greens put in a member's bill in the ballot that would require a Warrant of Fitness for rental properties, prevent tenants from paying high leasing fees, change the default tenancy term to three years and only allow rent increases annually.