Report shows insulation lowers household gas emissions
By Anonymous on November 25, 2016 has reported (25/11/2016) that New Zealand household greenhouse gas emissions are down according to a report by non-profit research institute Moto.

Government statistics were used to review the emissions over a period between 2006 and 2012 and found that emissions had lowered by 4.6 per cent in that period.

Suzi Kerr, author of the report, said that the main drive for the overall decrease in household emissions was that people had reduced their spending on electricity.

Ms Kerr believes that reduced spending on electricity is a result of improved home insulation and efficiency within houses.

The report also highlighted that car emissions had not improved and domestic flight emissions had doubled.

Simon Terry, Sustainability Council executive director, says that this research is helpful in letting people know how they can reduce emissions.

Iona Pannet, Wellington city councillor, is renovating her home and is trying to be environmentally conscious by adding underfloor insulation and wall insulation.

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