Struggling NZ families punished by winter power price rise
By Anonymous on March 07, 2014 has reported (04/03/14) on the struggle ahead for families this winter as power prices continue to rise.

New Zealand First says that the Government should ensure that energy is supplied to consumers at a reasonable and fair price.

Low-income families living in poor conditions will be worst affected this winter by price hikes from major power companies says Le'aufa'amulia Asenati Lole-Taylor, the spokesperson for Social Policy.

In February, Contact Energy contacted its customers citing price rises due to higher charges by local line companies. However, data gathered from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment shows that energy companies are benefiting more from the price increases rather than any local line companies.

Mrs Lole-Taylor says that the Government has a duty to protect New Zealanders, especially those vulnerable families that are at risk of being disconnected if they cannot pay their power bill.

Power was disconnected to more than 40,000 family homes in 2013. Large numbers of people may get sick simply because they cannot afford to stay warm without adequate heating this winter.

With the general cost of living going up, many New Zealand families will struggle to pay higher power bills this winter.

“The Government cannot sit by idly while energy companies continue to put profit before people by passing on costs to consumers,” said Mrs Lole-Taylor.

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