Study shows community support for rental home WOF scheme
By Anonymous on January 14, 2015 has reported (16/01/2015) on the community support for a Warrant of Fitness system for rental properties in New Zealand after a study has shown that many private rental homes fall short of being safe to bring up children.

Housing safety research found that nearly 30 per cent of privately owned rentals did not have working smoke alarms, 28 per cent did not offer a fenced play area for young children and 43 per cent failed to provide separated or fully fenced driveways.

The Growing Up in New Zealand study is tracking development of almost 7000 children from before birth to until they are young adults.  Researchers studied interviews with the parents of these children.

A Warrant of Fitness for rental homes was part of a policy campaigned for last year by the Green Party.

Metiria Turei, Green Party co-leader, said that it is time laws around safety, security and quality of rental homes were updated.  The programme that the Greens outlined would rate rental properties with a star-rating.  This would reflect whether criteria such as home insulation, weather-tightness, heating, shower, toilet, bathtub, stove, electricity and safe wiring were met.