Test census gathering mould data
By Anonymous on March 19, 2016 has reported (19/03/2016) that Statistics New Zealand will ask if a dwelling has mould in it in a test census that takes place in late March.

Denise MacGregor, head of Census 2018, said that asking about housing quality in an objective way was hard as questions about heat, build quality and cold could be subjective.

A question about mould and whether it is bigger in total than an A4 sheet of paper is being tested in the latest test census. Ms MacGregor considers the question to be one that is easily self-assessed, objective and one of the easier build quality questions to answer.

Salvation Army policy analyst, Alan Johnson, welcomed the move saying it would show how good or bad the housing stock in NZ is.

Mr Johnson said that it would show where to target responses, whether it was through insisting on higher standards or through increased home insulation programmes.