University of Otago highlight the need for energy saving insulation
By Anonymous on August 20, 2014 has reported (19/08/2014) on talks held at the University of Otago on energy use in Dunedin households.

Professor Bob Lloyd, head of Otago physics department energy studies programme, was joined by Ethical Power Consultant, Chris Freear and Tim Bishop from Sustainable Habitat Challenge to give a series of short talks and a question and answer session.

Prof Lloyd highlighted the need for Dunedin residents to have a greater awareness about the realities of energy use.

Home insulation and insulating hot water storage cylinders were two key energy saving measures to put in place.

It was discussed that energy could be used more wisely and money saved by avoiding certain myths over energy use. One such myth was that it was cheaper to run appliances like washing machines at night.

Many people do not realise that to achieve such savings, you need to be on night rate tariffs and the machine also has to be connected to an outlet that uses that tariff. 

Mr Freear discussed low-carbon sources of electricity versus nuclear power with its associated risks and long term costs.

Mr Bishop spoke about the amount of energy used in a range of activities in the household.