Blow-in - Supafil Frame

Supafil Frame


  • Maximum performance in walls with existing brick veneer and direct fixed cladding
  • Silicone treated for extra moisture protection
  • Sustainable - each bag contains the equivalent of over 45 recycled glass bottles
  • Fast, easy installation by Approved Installers

Product Description

Supafil® Frame is an unbonded, virgin glasswool insulation designed with optimal thermal properties and excellent coverage and blowing characteristics. Supafil® Frame is especially designed for installation in existing brick veneer cavities and the cavities of buildings with direct fixed cladding.

The product is silicone treated to provide the required performance and enhanced durability. Supafil® Frame is a non-combustible glasswool product that requires no mixing on site. Supafil® Frame should only be installed by Approved Installers to ensure the highest quality installed performance.


Product Type Blow-in


Renovation or New Building Renovation
Building Type Residential

Product Range


R-Value (m²K/W) Nominal Thickness (mm)
1.3 50
2.3 90
2.6 100
3.6 140

*Installed at 25kg/m3



Technical Information
Combustibility Non-combustible (AS 1530.1).
Thermal conductivity ASTM C518
Fire Hazard Properties Ignitability: 0, Spread of Flame: 0, Heat Evolved: 0, Smoke Developed: 1.
Vapour Resistivity 5.00 MN. s.g.m.
Microbial Growth Does not support microbial growth.
Corrosion No greater than sterile cotton.


CodeMark BRANZ-CM-1020 CodeMark BRANZ-CM-1020
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