48 per cent of state houses are non-compliant says report

By Anonymous
July 13, 2015

Nzherald.co.nz has reported (13/07/2015) that one in three state houses have neither home insulation nor heating and one in ten have significant mould issues according to an assessment of 400 Housing New Zealand properties.

The report also revealed that nearly half of the homes assessed in a warrant of fitness trial were classed as high risk and in need of urgent repair.

Nick Smith, Housing Minister, said that it was more important to focus on real improvements for rentals rather than a broad WOF scheme. He said that the WOF trial in 2014 showed that the scheme was time-consuming and costly with each inspection lasting nearly an hour and costing $225.

Dr Smith said that many of the WOF criteria were pedantic such as safety glass stickers.

The trial also revealed that 48 per cent of state houses were classed as non-compliant and in need of urgent repairs. This meant that repair was needed within two days or tenants may need to vacate the property.

Based on the results the cost of repairing the 60,000 faulty Housing New Zealand properties would cost around $34 million.

Greens and Labour have lobbied for a WOF however under the proposals announced by the Government all state subsidised social housing will have to have home insulation installed by next July and all rentals will have to be insulated by 2019.