Critics respond to new insulation legislation

By Anonymous
July 10, 2015 has reported (10/07/2015) on new legislation requiring underfloor and ceiling insulation to be retrofitted in rental homes by July 2019 and all social housing by July 2016.

Critics are saying that while October law changes are positive, that it does not come close enough to a Warrant of Fitness.

The law would apply to social housing and other rental houses, including boarding houses.

Former resident of Auckland's Oceanic Hostel, Jevan Bowley, says that hostels should be included too as vulnerable tenants needed protection as well.

Full time student and mother of two, Precious Bassett, said her Hamilton rental is like an icebox and knows that home insulation would improve all of their lives. Her respiratory disability means that her health suffers quite badly from the cold. She says that home insulation would also help reduce the power bill.

Lisa Loader, a property manager in south Auckland, says that she hopes that landlords would not increase their prices. She says that home insulation will help houses stay warm and dry.

Deputy mayor of Auckland, Penny Hulse, said that the legislation is a first step but not enough to help some of the most vulnerable tenants in NZ.

Property Institute Chief Executive Ashley Church said that there should have been a focus on checking whether a house is damp and leaking, electrical faults and hot water checks.

Mr Church would like to see landlords supporting initiative aimed at maintaining a higher standard.