DIY home insulation can be easy and save thousands

By Anonymous
June 10, 2015 has reported (09/06/2015)  on the experience of installing home insulation yourself and how easy it can be.  After a couple of nights of installing insulation, a house will feel warmer and quieter straight away. 

Michelle Powell had never lived in a house with the full insulation treatment.  She chose to use Earthwool glasswool and found it to be super easy because it did not cause itchy skin, arrived in sheets which were the right size for standard studwork and was able to be cut with one slash of a knife.

Ms Powell believes that putting insulation in would be in her top 10 ways to save money as it took her less than an hour to do an entire room by herself.   She found it straightforward after reading a lot of instructions on the internet. 

For slightly thicker external walls, R3.2 was used.  The skillion roof topped with black corrugated iron meant that the roof was going to get hot and cold so the ceiling was filled with thick insulation rated R5.2.  This helps Michelle get as close to the Passivhaus standard as she can afford