High Performing Solutions from Knauf Insulation on show at South Pacific Passive House Conference

By Shoko McKay
January 15, 2019

Knauf Insulation will be displaying its range of innovative and high performing blow-in Glasswool insulation solutions at the South Pacific Passive House Conference, 8-10 February 2019.

Knauf Insulation developed the Snug & Sound engineered blow-in Glasswool solutions for high performing homes. Since they were launched in New Zealand in 2015, they have been specified for a number of high profile homes, which have been designed to achieve high thermal performance and energy efficiency.

The installation process for blow-in Glasswool insulation enables designers and homeowners to achieve outstanding thermal performance as it reduces thermal bridging by fully-filling all gaps and voids and it can be installed at a high density in order to achieve high R-values. This becomes apparent in deeper cavities like 190mm or more where blow-in insulation forms a complete solution.

Guy Manthel, Technical Product Manager at Knauf Insulation said the Snug & Sound blow-in Glasswool solutions were becoming increasingly popular for people building and designing high performance homes.

“The blow-in Glasswool solutions provide a number of benefits for both the homeowner and installer. The blow-in process is quick and clean and because the insulation can be installed at high densities, high thermal performance can be achieved. The systems can go up to R9.1 in external walls and R10.4 in ceilings.”

“What’s more, because the insulation is made with up to 80% recycled glass it comes with inherent, thermal, acoustic and fire performance and is also a sustainable solution.”

For more information visit www.snugandsound.co.nz or download the Snug & Sound High Performance Homes brochure here.