Home insulation number one factor when renovating and selling NZ homes

By Anonymous
January 21, 2015

Canterbury Rebuild has reported (01/01/2015) on the latest State of the Home survey that reveals home insulation as the key factor when Kiwis want to renovate or choose a new home.

84 per cent of people surveyed rated insulation as "very important" when choosing a house, well ahead of the garage at 47 per cent. Only a quarter of people rated double glazing, heat pump or ventilation as essential.

92 per cent of respondents said that insulation was the key element that the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) would have chosen to create a warm, healthy and dry home. 

According to the survey that was commissioned by HRV, the priorities that people have when renovating are the same as when choosing a new home. However, a higher number of people consider double glazing, heat pumps and ventilation as more important when they are renovating.

59 per cent of participants said that mould was prevalent in their home and condensation was in 31 per cent.

Cold, mouldy and damp conditions have led to one in five Kiwis moving out of a house.

61 per cent chose blankets as a preference to turning on a heater when cold.

63 per cent were willing for their house to participate in a Warrant of Fitness.

Bruce Gordon, chief executive of HRV, said it was great that so many Kiwis are conscious of keeping their homes healthy and dry.  He noted that there is more work to be done to make all of the housing stock in New Zealand healthy and safe.

He believes a combination of home insulation, a good source of cooling and heating and ventilation is the key to creating a home that is healthy and safe.