Houses with poor insulation contributing to NZ pollution

By Anonymous
August 28, 2016 has reported (29/08/206) that many towns in NZ are currently registering airborne particle pollution that is above the World Health Organisation guidelines. Much of this pollution is caused by home heating.

With many people in NZ faced with expensive electricity and/or limited access to natural gas, they rely more heavily on burning wood as a source of heat. One polluted day per year is allowed according to the National standards for particle pollution. In 2015, Christchurch measured 8 polluted days and Timaru 26 days.

Homes in NZ that have poor insulation contribute to children's asthma and high winter deaths. Home insulation, better wood stoves and improved heat pumps are all factors that can reduce these effects.  

People need to be educated on how to burn wood better to help reduce air pollution. The Warmer Cheaper programme does exactly this and highlights that one main cause of smoke is insufficient kindling.