Knauf Insulation Assists Local Community with Marae Renovation

By Jordan Sargeant
November 05, 2018

NEW ZEALAND: There are over 800 Marae in New Zealand, which act as hubs for Maori communities, to provide a much needed space where they can gather for celebrations, tribal events and other community related activities.

With such an important role to play in the lives of the community, it is important the Marae environment is warm and welcoming. Therefore, as part of a project spanning 13 years, Marae DIY TV has been progressively renovating Marae to improve the facilities and comfort of the building.

Marae DIY invited Knauf Insulation to be part of this important initiative by supplying insulation. Knauf Insulation has provided ceiling and wall insulation in order to help improve year-round comfort of the Marae. The renovation of the Marae involved the whole community and men and women of all ages gathered to help install the insulation.

Marae DIY install.png

Simon Woodward, Production Coordinator, said: “We were stoked when Knauf Insulation said they would be happy to provide insulation for our Marae renovations. The Marae is well used by the local community and we are delighted to have an opportunity to do the renovations and make the local community even more proud of their meeting place.”

 “The insulation was installed by members of the community who all commented how easy the insulation was to work with. Everyone is overwhelmed by the final result,” he added.


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