Knauf Insulation donates off-cuts to insulation project

By Anonymous
October 07, 2015 has reported (07/10/2015) on a recent experiment to see if an Auckland home could be insulated with insulation material bound for the skip.

Matthew Cutler-Welsh, a building surveyor who is an expert in sustainable housing, managed to make a house warmer and healthier with insulation material that would otherwise have been thrown out.

He came up with the idea after seeing large amounts of insulation off-cuts in bins outside construction companies and renovated commercial buildings.

Within 48 hours of putting a message out on Facebook, Matthew found a suitable house that was in need of insulation.

Accessible Properties, an organisation that houses people with disabilities who are under financial stress, asked Matthew to help out with their 1920's Auckland home in Mr Albert.

Matthew was shocked to see that there was no insulation in the house. He said it is scary to think how many houses in New Zealand are like this.

Cutler-Welsh then managed to get Knauf Insulation on board. Knauf Insulation had a lot of material that had been used or partly used for testing, marketing, and demonstration purposes. 

Two eager construction students from Unitec joined the team to help with installation.

The experiment was a success and Matthew is now looking for his next project.