Knauf Insulation launches 2019 Annual Review

By Shoko McKay
November 05, 2019

Report showcases new manufacturing plants, pioneering innovations, customer initiatives and how the company continues to reduce its environmental impact.

Knauf Insulation is delighted to announce the launch of its 2019 Annual Review.

Jean-Claude Carlin, Group CEO, Knauf Insulation, said: “This report is celebration of all the people in the company who have contributed to an outstanding year of success.

“It is a showcase for the achievements of those who managed to keep our sustainability journey on track despite a record year; the innovators who are pioneering our new solutions for the future; our colleagues who are launching new plants in France and Malaysia and the employees who are putting customers at the heart of everything they do.

“We have a lot to be proud of and I am delighted to share our successes in this report.”

Report highlights include:

New plants, new people

• Interviews with colleagues at our new €110 million site in France, who discuss how the plant is contributing to the local economy, helping to achieve energy efficiency targets in France and becoming a showcase for bio-diversity.

• Profiles of our key players in Asia Pacific as the countdown continues to the 2020 launch of our new €120 million plant in Malaysia — a project that will position our company and customers for future success in the region.

• An interview with Matthew Parrish, our new CEO of Knauf Insulation North America, with a focus on his priorities for the future.

Community and sustainability

• Our work in Alaska to help build new homes for a vulnerable village community forced to move due to the devastating impact of climate change.

• How we continue to exceed our CO2 emissions and energy saving targets despite a record year of output — thanks to continuous improvement.

• How we are working to keep our people safe and new initiatives to develop a better culture of safe behaviour.


• New initiatives to make life better for customers from anthropological studies at construction sites, two new experience centers and our Captain K partner program.

• Our work to help customers navigate the complexities of building fire safety.


• New solutions from our Research and Development teams that will shape our future from high-tech modular panels and illuminated boards to orchid-friendly greenery and giant green roofs.

• A celebration of our revolutionary ECOSE® Technology that this year marks a decade of success.

• The 2019 launch of Knauf Energy Solutions — a concept that will transform building renovation.

Power of our people

• Around the world our colleagues are campaigning to put energy efficiency, fire safety, green infrastructure and building resilience at the heart of every policy-makers agenda.

• A discussion on how to encourage more women to take up engineering as a rewarding career and how our graduate programs nurture professional potential.


Annual Review 2019

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