Knauf Insulation’s GreenTag Certification has been renewed achieving a Level A Rating

By Knauf Insulation APAC
November 22, 2022

Knauf Insulation’s Earthwool® range of glasswool insulation has again received GreenTag GreenRate Level A certification. This remains the unrivalled position of Earthwool® as the first and only glasswool insulation in New Zealand and Australia to have GreenRate Level A.

GreenTag GreenRate Level A certification was issued to the range of products with ECOSE® Technology and DriTherm® Technology manufactured in Malaysian plant in Johor Bahru.

GreenTag is a unique, independent third party, green building and other sustainable product rating and certification program and is considered a market leader for green product certification. GreenTag’s GreenRate is recognised by both the New Zealand (NZGBC) and Green Building Councils of Australia (GBCA). This certification allows specifiers to continue to easily achieve points under the Homestar® and Green Star® programs.

For materials to receive a green rating, they must undergo rigorous assessment and meet evidence-based criteria, ensuring that they and their suppliers meet the criteria to receive GreenTag certification.

Knauf Insulation has set the benchmark in New Zealand and Australia for environmentally friendly insulation with its super-soft range of Earthwool® insulation. Guy Manthel, Technical Product Manager Knauf Insulation APAC, comments: “At Knauf Insulation we have always been defined by sustainability. Our products save energy, cut emissions, and are designed to make sure buildings perform for the environment and keep people healthy and safe. The GreenTag Level A rating for Earthwool® range gives benefits to designers and builders wanting to achieve enhanced sustainability in buildings and mean that our products tick the Homestar® and Green Star® programs”.

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