Landlords encouraged to insulate rentals before the 2019 rush to avoid fines

By Anonymous
December 18, 2016 has reported (18/12/2016) on fines and grants for landlords as they approach insulation deadline of July 1 2019.

Landlords could face fines of up to $4000 during spot checks if their properties are not insulated by July 2019.

The Government is offering an incentive for landlords to install ceiling and floor insulation in their properties by offering at least 20,000 insulation grants during the next 18 months.  The insulation grants are also available to low-income earners.  

Robert Linterman, Its general manager, says that there are probably 300,000 homes nation wide that are in need of insulation.  He said that the industry can only cope with 70,000 to 80,000 insulation retrofits every year so landlords need to start doing it now.

There is now a $500 fine for failing to comply with noting the condition, type and location of insulation on a tenancy agreement.