Landlords slow to apply for home insulation offer

By Anonymous
May 06, 2015 has reported (04/05/2014) on the slow uptake of the home insulation scheme amongst rentals in New Zealand.

Only 300 rental properties have received insulation under the Warm Up New Zealand: Healthy Homes scheme since it began in September 2013, compared to 600 owner-occupied properties.

James Gallagher, Energy Smart general manager, says that this could be due to landlords not knowing whether their tenants meet the requirement for the scheme.

Mr Gallagher says it is important for landlords to know whether their tenants have a Community Services Card.  However, some landlords may feel asking this is "a bit cheeky".

Only a third of the 36,000 NZ homes retrofitted with home insulation since the scheme began are rentals.  It is estimated that more than 50 per cent of uninsulated properties are rentals.

Under the scheme, people that hold a Community Services Card and have the house occupied by someone over 65 years or under 17 years are eligible for reduced cost or free insulation.

EECA chief executive, Mike Underhill, says that getting rental properties insulated is a no-brainer for landlords especially as they will end up with a higher quality property and warmer, healthier and more comfortable tenants.