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New high performing products for H1 compliance in New Zealand

By Knauf Insulation APAC
April 13, 2023

Creating more liveable and efficient spaces has never been more important with insulation a key consideration. Using our global knowledge and local capabilities, our technical experts have developed a range of new roof, wall, and floor insulation products to support New Zealand Building Code Clause H1 Energy Efficiency to deliver warmer, healthier homes to New Zealanders.

The updated H1 code aims to create healthier living conditions in buildings with less environmental impact. The newly available products are designed to align with the updated H1 code, and will provide builders, designers, and DIYers with the opportunity to choose the best thermal performance for their project needs. The new products, available in both the Earthwool® glasswool and ecoinsulation® ranges, provide high performance insulation under H1 energy efficiency requirements, making them an environmentally responsible option. The new regulatory requirements mean the energy needed to heat new buildings will reduce by up to 40 per cent in new housing, and 23 per cent in large non-residential buildings, all to help create warmer, drier, and healthier spaces with less impact on the environment.

Glasswool is a durable material that can help ensure buildings are well-insulated, reducing the need for maintenance for many years to come. Ensuring the right insulation in installed from the start is important as it’s more expensive to upgrade a building’s insulation over its lifespan.

Both the Earthwool® glasswool and ecoinsulation® ranges have several revolutionary features using technology that will guarantee 50 years of moisture and water resistance. This is achieved with advanced DriTherm technology, which is used during manufacture and provides a high level of water resistance.  Both products are made using up to 80 per cent recycled glass, are non-combustible, and feature ECOSE technology, Knauf Insulation’s unique binder technology which uses no added formaldehyde. Furthermore, for aesthetics, Earthwool® glasswool and ecoinsulation® products feature TwinTech Technology, a dual forming technique that produces a smooth finish on both sides.

The new products include options suitable for ceilings, skillion roofs, walls, and floors, such as the cost, time and space effective R7.0 Ceiling batt solution. These thermal ceiling materials are designed as a single layer solution for use in cold roof applications; this is essential in New Zealand where pitched roofs may need to be insulated at ceiling level. The skillion batts are designed for use in warm skillion roofs where the roof is insulated at rafter level, offering a combination of great thermal and acoustic performance. The thermal and acoustic wall batts are designed for use in timber frame applications between studwork, providing thermal performance to meeting evolving construction requirements. 

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