New insulation regulation to improve the country's housing stock

By Anonymous
July 01, 2015 has reported (10/07/2015) that the government is introducing a new regulation requiring all New Zealand rental properties to have underfloorand ceiling insulation by July 2019.

The government will require, by July 1 2016, all landlords to inform prospective tenants what level of home insulation the property has. This is instead of introducing the Warrant of Fitness concept for state housing that the Opposition parties have called for.

The government says that the full Warrant of Fitness scheme for rentals would cost $100 million as it requires regular checks and the money is better spent on improvements such as smoke alarms and home insulation.

These new home insulation and smoke alarm reforms are expected to cost approximately $600 million over the next four years and will affect 180,000 homes.

Government officials have been given tough new powers to ensure the regulations are in place, especially when the safety and health of a tenant is at risk.