Retrofitting insulation under Warm Up NZ shows 6:1 benefit-to-cost ratio

By Anonymous
March 10, 2017 has reported (10/03/2017) on new research that found that the Warm Up NZ Programme had a 6:1 benefit-to-cost ratio.

Motu Economics, a not for profit research institute, studied the first 45,000 homes that were retrofitted with home insulation under the Warm Up NZ Programme.

Arthur Grimes, Motu Economics senior fellow, said that the research showed that every dollar spent on insulation had brought $6 of benefits and that retrofitting insulation prevented one death for every 1000 homes that received insulation.

The benefits of living in a warmer home were very beneficial to the elderly, especially those that had been hospitalised with a circulatory illness.

Mr Grimes said that this data proves what public health experts had always believed.  He said that this is strong evidence the government has about social investment, including that warmer houses help children to stay healthy and are more likely to go to school.