Rising preference for home insulation

By Anonymous
December 10, 2014

Guide2.co.nz has reported (10/12/2014) on rising preferences of New Zealanders for high levels of home insulation and orientation to the sun when choosing a home.

The annual Homestar survey from realestate.co.nz showed an overwhelming nine out of ten people rated insulation and good sun as 'very important' or 'important' when choosing a new home.

National Marketing Manager at realestate.co.nz, Paul McKenzie, said that a leap of 8 per cent this year of Kiwis rating these factors as important is a substantial amount.

He said that it shows that owners should look at issues such as insulation before the house is listed on the market.

Chief Executive of the New Zealand Green Building Council, Alex Cutler, said that families will have a positive impact from living in houses designed and built for health and efficiency.  The results show that New Zealanders are wanting homes built to be well insulated and capturing free warmth from the sun as well as be ventilated to be healthy.

She said that New Zealanders understand that homes designed to be warm and efficient will be cheaper to run and have positive health impacts.

The survey included nearly 1,000 home owners in NZ.  88 per cent of those considering selling their homes thought it was worth doing an upgrade of energy performance to attract a price premium. Three quarters thought double glazing and LED lighting were important.