Some kiwis choosing heat over health

By Anonymous
January 31, 2016 has reported (31/01/2016) on drastic personal sacrifices some New Zealanders are making just to cover their power bills.

A nationwide survey of 400 people conducted on behalf of Knauf Insulation revealed that 45 per cent of those surveyed are foregoing essentials such as doctor and dental visits to meet increasing costs of gas and electricity. Eating out (58 per cent) and holidays (48 per cent) were also were dropped in order to keep warm or cool.

Claire Cunliffe, marketing manager for Knauf Insulation, says people who depend on artificial cooling or heating often do not realise that lack of adequate insulation can mean less efficient use of appliances and therefore higher energy bills.

Company research shows that the average household uses 63 per cent of its energy on cooling and heating.